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Laughter, The Best Medicine

A Lawyer, Doctor and Fiduciary Go Into A Bar…

Sunday dinners were always fun. Getting together with the family, sharing a meal and making connections with the people you cared most about. These dinners were especially meaningful when my grandparents would come over. When there, they added to the depth of the conversation that only that older generation could, with stories, wisdom, advice and humor. Yes, humor! Ole Granddad had a quick wit and loved to tell jokes. My grandmother didn’t always appreciate the jokes, particularly if they involved her or were a tad bit sassy. She would often admonish him with a, “Oh.. Randolph, stop that.”

When we were young, granddad’s jokes were G-rated and as we matured, he moved into the PG-rated category. Nothing over PG-13 but none-the-less still funny. He had many sources for the jokes, but his favorite was from his subscription to the Reader’s Digest. He read the periodical front to back and loved to share their jokes. Nothing was as fun and heart warming as seeing a table full of people laughing. Nothing but the whites of teeth gleaming and brightening the room.

Laughter is the best medicine! Visit the below link to Reader’s Digest’s online joke page. Good stuff, and remember to laugh.

Reader’s Digest Jokes

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